Forum on the Future of Electric Power

Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:00PM - 5:00PM • Calendars: Forum

Today, power production is clearly at a cross roads, both in the United States and globally. Utilities are on the cusp of having to make important decisions on the role to be played by nuclear power, while assessing prospects for caps on carbon emissions and a future for coal-fired plants that could require carbon capture and sequestration. The economics and scale of wind and solar power place into question the extent to which they can meet future needs, while the impact of options such as smart grids, decentralized generation, and demand control remains unknown. An important overlay concerns the role to be played by capital markets and public policy.

This forum is sponsored by the Notre Dame Energy Center and the College of Engineering. It is part of Notre Dame’s commitment to a year-long period of discernment on global energy consumption and means by which humankind can transition to a sustainable energy future. Electricity is critical to maintaining an acceptable standard of living, and the purpose of the forum is to delineate requirements and plausible guidelines for meeting future needs in ways that are economically and environmentally acceptable.

Panelists were chosen on the basis of their extensive experiences on a broad array of related issues. They include:

Anthony Earley, Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy, which includes Detroit Edison, an electric utility serving more than 2.2 million customers.

Patrick Eilers

Managing Director of Madison Dearborn Partners, responsible for the firm’s energy and power practice which includes both the acquisition and management of companies in this sector.

William Hederman

Specialist energy policy adviser to Congress at the Congressional Research Service. Previously VP of Strategic Initiatives at Columbia Energy Group and founding Director of the Office of Market Oversight and Investigations at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Michael O’Sullivan

Senior Vice-President for Development at FPL Energy, a world leader in the production of clean energy, including wind and solar power.

For additional information, contact Frank Incropera (, Clifford and Evelyn Brosey Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame.

Sponsored by the Notre Dame Energy Center and the "College of Engineering.“http://”

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