Be Enlightened

The issue of sustainable energy touches each of us. We might be frustrated by how much we pay at the pump, fret over security and environmental issues presented by our car’s dependence on oil, or wonder about the damage pollution is causing the earth.

It can seem as if the issue of energy is too complex to grasp—let alone solve. It spans disciplines from physics and environmental biology to political science and economics. Global corporations, growing nations, and underdeveloped countries name it as a primary concern for national and international security. It’s enough to make any of us ask if we can ever begin to understand.

The 2008 Forum on Sustainable Energy invites us to take note of the issues; to review a variety of perspectives—from science, the Church, and the media; and to come to an understanding of our own individual accountability.

Once we have prepared ourselves intellectually and discerned the role we each play, we can engage into conversation and then, together, empower ourselves to make a difference.

Become Enlightened.