Course Development Grants

College of Arts and Letters

Course Development Grants on the Environment

The College of Arts and Letters is pleased to announce two course development initiatives to enhance students’ exposure to issues related to the environment across the arts and letters curriculum. The aim of these one-time initiatives for the 2008–09 academic year is to introduce students to a range of problems in policy, economics, law, the arts, and ethics, and will coincide with the Presidential Forum “Charting a Sustainable Energy Future” in fall 2008. Charting pathways to a sustainable energy future poses a life-long challenge to today’s youth. Given increasingly limited access to ample supplies of affordable energy, they will need to consider seriously such questions as what limits will be placed on economic growth, and to what extent decisions about how to use available resources will be influenced by social justice and ethical considerations. In turn, we hope, through coursework and the events surrounding the Forum—workshops, demonstrations, lectures, films, tours, exhibits, and a conference—that students will transform their understanding into actions they can take to create change.

These initiatives are designed for faculty whose teaching or scholarship does not already focus on environmental issues. They are intended to encourage such faculty to expand their knowledge and either (a) develop a course that uses environmental issues as its primary focus, or (b) integrate a component on the environment into a new or existing course. Exceptions would be considered for those who are radically expanding, in a documented way, the range of their exploration of environmental issues, although faculty who are expanding into the study of ecology for the first time will be privileged. Courses can be for fall 2008 or spring 2009.

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Energy Center

The Energy Center accepted applications for funding from faculty and graduate students to develop new courses or to enhance existing courses to include energy-related topics and issues. Course development grants were awarded in 2007 totaling $6,500.