About the Forum

The Notre Dame Forum is an annual event that aims to engage Notre Dame students in intellectual discussion about an issue significant to the nation, the world, and/or the Church. Instituted by Notre Dame’s President, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., during his inaugural weekend in 2005, the Forum aspires to serve our wider society by staging interdisciplinary debate and discussion that calls upon the moral and spiritual values that help define Notre Dame as a Catholic university.

Past Themes

“Why God? Understanding Religion and Enacting Faith in a Plural World”

September 21, 2005
Website: inauguration.nd.edu/forum

“The Global Health Crisis: Forging Solutions, Effecting Change”

September 14, 2006
Website: forum2006.nd.edu

“Immigration: A Notre Dame Forum”

October 8, 2007
Website: immigrationforum.nd.edu